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Cunningham + Associates, Inc. is a full service architectural firm specializing in Greek housing, with projects from Seattle to Orlando. Fraternity and Sorority houses are an unusual combination of residential and commercial functions, complicated by the need to be damage resistant. Through regular reviews of our completed buildings, we have developed details that make our projects more functional and durable. In many ways, each project we design is a refinement of all previous projects.
Through experience, we have gained a knowledge of the complete development process. Our "Development Costs" computer model, projecting developmental costs, operating costs, and income, has proven to be helpful in creating the appropriate building program based on the specifics of the chapter. Our goal in using the model is to create a house that will pay for itself as an investment, which can help with financing. The resulting pro-forma is availiable for use in a loan application package. Our involvement typically begins at the fund raising phase. The above mentioned computer model helps determine the amount of funds required, and our "post card sketches" inserted in fund raising letters, can help generate enthusiasm and show a commitment on the part of the building committee. Experience has been helpful in allowing us to complete our projects on schedule, a particularly important factor with campus buildings. A late completion means housiing residents in temporary quarters, an early completion means mortgage payments without income. By knowing what to expect during construction, we have also been successful in completing our projects with little or no cost increase due to change orders.
Please contact us for a list of references. I hope you will have the opportunity and reason to contact them for information about the quality of our services. The thrilling experience of seeing a building take shape after participating in the design process should be enjoyed by committee members who volunteer valuable time and expertise. I believe we have been successful in helping to make each project fun for everyone involved, including ourselves. I also believe our projects consistently stand out as the best houses on campus. Should you have any questions about our firm, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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